How you can get a Life co-pilot

It’s amazing the old computer discs that we all have lying around! Faced with a bitter snowy day, I looked out an rally car simulator from 2000. Now I have to say, I had never got this program to run properly but this time I did.Alpine countryside As a result I spent the afternoon happily rallying up a sun drenched French mountain. Don’t you just love computer simulators for allowing us to do what we cannot afford to do in real life!

Yet real life is no simulation.

Other than child’s play, the knocks we give and receive are painful and our mistakes are expensive. Of course this ‘life fact’ is not lost on the aviation industry. That’s why every airliner has a co-pilot. Since there is no doubt that those extra set of eyes and ears connected to an independent brain keeps the flight on track.

What better way then to describe Christ in our lives through the Holy Spirit?

So when life is obviously  not a simulation and we need a bit of direction, listen to the voice beside you and find the more exciting ride.


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