After some vexing events in my life, I have been reading up on anger management and coping with being provoked. Here is a story worth thing about and see where it fits into our way of living the Christian life in this ‘me – now!’ world today. Either way let me know what you think?

Morning Story and Dilbert

One day, at the age of twenty-eight, I was working as a salesman, driving my car through an industrial park outside of Chicago, Illinois.

Suddenly, a large semi-truck, trying to back into a receiving dock, pulled out in front of me, causing me to quickly apply my brakes to avoid hitting it.

Instead of apologizing, the driver of the truck glared down, looking at me from inside his cab and shouting profanity, calling me a name while giving me his middle finger! He looked straight into my eyes as if daring me to do something about what he had just done to me.

His belligerent invitation was clear, “You want some of this”?

Instantly, I became furious at his insult! For years after participating in college football and track, I religiously weight trained for two hours a day until I could bench press 335 lbs. and do 119 push-ups in…

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